• illustration-schedule-notification-icon-calendar_430232-29

    Scheduled Posts plugin

    Scheduled Posts plugin allow users  can create a post and schedule it to publish at main feed in the future. Scheduled posts can be managed, edited at user’s profile page.

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  • Frame 518

    Homeblock Plugin

    Add more content widgets to your home page or any page you want by using homeblock plugin. This plugin includes a collection of widget from different plugins like Blogs, Event, Groups, Recipes, Businesses, Feedbacks, Campaigns and Quizzes.

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  • Frame 6

    Censored Words Plugin

    Protect your site today from profanity, explicit or inappropriate content, and abusive terms with our easy to use plugin.


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  • Group 4

    Stories Plugin

    Stories Plugin is a visual storytelling format for the mooSocial website that is simple to build visual narratives using interesting images, videos, gifs, and text with background to immerse your readers in wonderful and quick-loading full-screen experiences.

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  • arrow-guide-signal-line-and-fill-style-icon-free-vector

    Tour Guide Plugin

    Tour Guide is an easy to use step-by-step onboarding user guide that lets you create an interactive guided tour for moosocial users.

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  • Frame 145

    Fake Users Generator/Import user from CSV plugin

    This plugin help to generate users for mooSocial social network website. Site owners can choose the amount of users to generate and their role. They can even select random gender and avatar images. This plugin also allows to import users from a csv file and check the status of the import.

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  • 65710603

    PayFast Payment Gateway

    PayFast payment gateway is a payment gateway plugin that extends mooSocial, allowing your members to make payments via PayFast when purchase subscription package, buy ads placement, buy featured for ads, jobs….

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  • Group 1

    E-learning plugin

    E-learning plugin is a plugin that allows users to create online courses. The course can be broken down into several lessons. After completing several lessons, learners are given quizzes to see if they can pass the course.

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  • artworks-SosRkQlqIBWy3sVl-uuOHkg-t500x500

    Shoutbox plugin

    A shoutbox plugin allows people to quickly leave lists of short messages on the website.  Adding a shoutbox plugin help increase the interactivity of the social network

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  • magic-icon-png-3

    Magic Page Plugin (New Landing Page Plugin)

    Magic Page is the best plugin to create static pages on moosocial website. It’s has all the features you need to create a page: layout managers, widgets manager… You can also create a landing page with Magic Page.
    It’s also has a lot of pre-defined layout like: landing page, page not found, One-Page Layout, Full Page Layout, Video Background and Default Layout.

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  • tawk

    Tawk Chat Box

    This plugin allows you to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, respond to support, tickets and create a help center to empower customers.

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  • 256

    CCbill Payment Gateway

    CCbill payment gateway is a payment gateway plugin that extends mooSocial, allowing your members to make payments via CCbill when purchase subscription package, buy ads placement, buy featured for ads, jobs…..

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  • Artboard

    Phone Login/Registration plugin

    This solution allows users to login/register using their own mobile phone number. It prevents your site getting spam from bots and also a good method for you to verify your member based on phone number.

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  • 256

    Poke Plugin

    Provide your users an exciting, simple, easy and speedy way of initiating discussions. The Pokes Plugin permits a user to grab the attention of another user.

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  • 256

    Forum Plugin

    Online forums are an effective community-building tool where your website visitors can participate by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas, etc. Your forum could be a Q&A platform, discussion board, knowledge sharing space, or a problem-solving support zone. If you want to extend your Social Network to have Discussion Board feature, Forum Plugin is the perfect you. It has all features of a forum should have.

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  • logo

    Stickers plugin

    By default, mooSocial only supports emojis. Do you also like to add other emoticons to let members in your site to express when they’re hungry, bored, stressed and the rest? The stickers plugin is created to help you do this. With this plugin,  your members can put stickers in comments or status updates to convey feelings. You can send stickers by clicking the sticker icon in the bottom-right corner of the comments box.

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  • annoucement

    Announcement plugin

    Announcement plugin allows you to draw your visitors’ attention to an important message you may have. It has announcement block that can be added to any pages of your website through layout editor section in admin panel. You can customize its color. Also, this plugin has an option that lets you allow/not allow member to remove it if they don’t want to see it.

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  • 256

    Meetme – encounter Plugin

    This Meetme plugin can turn mooSocial a professional dating social network. This plugin allows users to browse profiles and add them to a meeting list. Users can also browse people who want to meet them. Meetme plugin can combine with who near me, profile matching, who viewed me, credit, gift, and video, audio chat to turn mooSocial to complete dating social network.

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  • translationtool

    Translate Tool

    Translate Tool plugin helps to easily translate mooSocial to your desired  language directly in admin panel instead of editing po file in web folder. It also helps to translate contents entered by members such as status updates, comments, blogs, topics…into your current selected language using Google Translate Service.

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  • 256

    mooChat – Video/Audio Chat

    Enhance your mooSocial site using Video/Audio Chat Plugin that has audio-video and real-time content sharing capabilities. Give your users the ability to talk to each other and make webcam calls exactly like skype video chat.

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  • Whoviewme

    Who Viewed Me Plugin

    Do you want to increase your network user’s interaction?
    Tell them if other visited their profile! This plugin will notify your members about other members that visited their profile.

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  • Feedlist

    Feedlist Plugin

    This plugin has a feature for posting status updates called Lists.  FeedLists appears to be a way for users to create a list of anything they choose such as places they’d like to travel to or a simple to-do for the day. The Lists can then be decorated with gradient backgrounds and assigned an emoji that appears next to the list title.

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  • Fundraising

    FundRaising Plugin

    This module allows you and your members to create a Fundraising campaign to raise money for themselves or other.  By creating campaign, your members can gather voluntary contributions of money or other resources for their operations or a new project ideas….

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  • Profile Matching

    Profile Matchmaking

    Are you looking for something which makes it easy to identify the profiles on the social network which matches your profile? Are you looking to find like-minded people plugin to start a Dating network site? Profile Matching is perfect for you. It can match profiles and shows matching percentage on the profile. Match percentage is calculated based on answering the predefined questions created from the admin panel.

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